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As the “Mortgage Professional Industry grows, BMG offers training backed by THE NATIONAL MORTGATE ASSOCIATION. BMG offers students the learning experience of a Mortgage Underwriter without physically being in the classroom. With our online recorded mortgage Underwriting and Loan Origination training classes, the classroom is brought to you.

BMG is a “virtual “online community of like-minded Mortgage Professionals who enjoy learning and “EARNING” as specialist in Mortgage Underwriting.
BMG offers In-depth online training for “Mortgage Professionals” training and certification programs both in house residential loan underwriters as well as contract mortgage underwriters.




Featured Courses

Conventional Mortgage Underwriter – 101- “THE ESSENTIALS”

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Each Instructor has an average of 15+ years of prior mortgage underwriter experience and is Mortgage underwriting nationwide: FHA, VA, Conventional, Commercial, USDA Rural housing loans and more.

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Each course provides you with the facts and information you’ll need to succeed in the mortgage finance industry as a qualified mortgage professional.