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BMG Underwriting

Launched in 2010 BMG is striving to help jumpstart Mortgage Underwriting careers Nationwide.

BMG offers online job placement and Online Discussion groups for Mortgage Professionals Aspiring and trained alike.

BMG offers helpful articles, free mortgage training video tips, recruiting services for employers, current underwriting job placement and underwriter ongoing education.

Our certificates range from Mortgage Professionals working at Fortune 500 banks to contract underwriters & in house residential/ commercial underwriters working at small to mid size companies. Our certificants either have a thorough understanding of mortgage underwriting practices or are taking the steps to learn— from due diligence, to manual underwriting to AUS to tax returns analysis to LTV/DTI to reading appraisals and title reports. Just as important our certificants have passed a criminal background and have agreed to adhere to the Underwriting code of Ethics.